Nevada Police and Fire Games

Grievance Procedures

The Grievance Committee is comprised of the Coordinators of the Event(s) and the Board of Directors of the Nevada Police Athletic Federation (NPAF). The Board of Directors will decide the outcome of the grievance, should the Coordinator(s) be unable to resolve the problem.


The procedures for filing a grievance during the Nevada Police & Fire Games are as follows:

The grievance will be filed in a timely manner.

Any grievance filed after the games have ended, may not be considered if an attempt for resolution was not made in a timely manner after the occurrence.

Present the Coordinator(s) with the grievance, i.e. illegal players, cheating, failure to follow the rules of the sport, unsportsmanlike conduct, etc.

The Coordinator(s) will contact the subject(s) involved and attempt to resolve the grievance immediately.

If the coordinator(s) cannot resolve the problem, the grievant shall submit a written grievance to a member of the Board of Directors. There will always be at least one or more Board members present in the Registration area.

A board meeting consisting of the Board of Directors of the NPAF will be called. There must be a quorum present to resolve the grievance.

If a quorum cannot be present, the grievance will be resolved as soon as possible, or at the next scheduled board meeting of the NPAF.

It may be necessary for the Board to have all subjects involved available, either in person or by telephone, including the Coordinator(s).

After the Board of Directors has reached a decision, the Coordinator(s) and the subject(s) involved will be notified in writing.

Should the Board of Directors find in favor of the grievant, any and/or all the following resolutions could be invoked:

If a medal(s) was awarded, it will be returned to the Coordinator or Board of Directors.

The medal(s) will then be presented to the next competitor/team in line.

If the Board of Directors should feel the grievance justified, the subject(s) could be banned from participating in future Nevada Police & Fire Games.

The entry fee(s) would not be returned.

The above procedure has been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Nevada Police Athletic Federation dba as the Nevada Police & Fire Games.