Nevada Police and Fire Games


Those eligible for participation in the Nevada Police & Fire Games are as follows:


Full Time Personnel who have been employed full time for at least four (4) months:

  • Sworn Peace Officers (Law Enforcement Officers) as defined in NRS 169.125,
  • Certified Fire Fighters,
    • Spouses of Peace Officers (Law Enforcement Officers) and Fire Fighters,
  • All active military personnel,
  • Retired Peace Officers (Law Enforcement Officers); Retired Fire Fighters,
  • Retired Military Law Enforcement whose career duty assignment was law enforcement/investigations

Non-Commissioned Employees who are employed full time for at least four (4) months with a law enforcement agency or fire department.

  • Retired non-commissioned employees as described in the listed categories.
  • Spouses of non-commissioned employees are not eligible to participate.

All Full Time Personnel and Non-Commissioned Employees (active or retired) must provide an official work ID at registration to verify eligibility.

  • Spouses checking in without the active/retired person will also be required to show proof of their spouse’s work ID.

Approved Departments

  • Police Departments
  • Sheriffs’ Departments
  • Highway Patrol
  • Parole & Probation
  • Federal Law Enforcement agencies: FBI, IRS, US Attorneys, US Border Patrol, etc.
  • State law enforcement agencies: Gaming Control Board, Attorney General, Juvenile Court Services, Prison & Detention, etc.
  • District Attorney’s office
  • Active Military
  • Military Police
  • Homeland Security
  • Air Marshals
  • State, County, and City Fire Departments
  • U.S. and Federal Fire Marshals
  • U.S. Park Rangers & U.S. Dept. of Forestry
  • Commissioned Sworn Reserve Peace Officers