Nevada Police and Fire Games

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8/3 – 8/5/2022 


10 a.m. – 3 p.m.


Jessica Reyes
(702) 418-4021


Orleans Bowling Lanes
4500 W. Tropicana Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89103



$12.50 bowling fee (per event)


Wednesday: Teams

Thursday: Doubles

Friday: Singles

  • Each competitor must enter a division based on his/her highest 2019/2020 – 2020/2021 USBC league average.
    • Bowlers will enter their 2019/2020 – 2020/2021 USBC sanctioned league average with a minimum of 21 games as of May 30, 2021. We will use the highest average from those years. If bowlers have less than 21 games in each league, we will use their standard composite average. Sport averages will not be used.
    • Bowlers who have no established average as outlined above, but bowled in the NPAF tournament may use their highest average based on the previous three years. Please contact one of the above listed coordinators for assistance.
    • Those who have no average with either USBC or NPAF will bowl in the “Open” Division. Men will use an average of 190 and women will use an average of 170.
  • Teams and Doubles will be based on the combined averages of the bowlers.
  • All Mixed Teams and Doubles will compete in the Men’s division.
  • Team event will consist of four (4) people.
  • Lane assignments will be scheduled by the coordinators and/or bowling staff prior to competition.
  • Oil pattern is the regular house pattern.
  • Competitors will bowl five (5) games in each event: Team, Doubles, and Singles.
  • Bowling fees will be paid with your entry fee.
  • All medalists’ averages will be individually verified.
    • Any false information will result in disqualification of the individual, doubles partner and team members.
    • Any challenges will be filed with the Nevada Police & Fire Games Board of Directors. Violations may result in immediate expulsion for the individual, partner and team members.

If you need a team or need a partner, select “Need a team” or “Need a partner” in the designated box.

  • All players must check-in at registration at the Orleans Casino prior to the first game to receive their wristband. NO CHECK-IN – NO PLAY – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All players must have ID on them at the sport facilities for roster checks. If a player does not have ID available, they will not be allowed to play.
  • Eligibility and IDs will be strictly enforced throughout the tournament.
  • View the full eligibility requirements page
  • Register by Mon. 7/4/2022 to receive your guaranteed shirt size. Registrants after this date will select from the available shirt sizes, on a first come, first serve basis at check-in.
  • Effective July 18, 2022 a late fee of $10 will be added to each registration.