Nevada Police and Fire Games

Baseball 2023






Chad Betts
(702) 539-3653




$15 field fee (per player)


Sun. 7/9/2023


A mandatory coaches/managers meeting will be held prior to the start of the tournament at TBA.

  • A coach/manager or representative from each team must be present at this meeting. The Sport Coordinator, Assistant Sports Coordinator will discuss rules and answer any questions.
  • Details will be included in the Final Confirmation email.
  • Wood bats only per MLB rules.
  • Metal cleats are allowed.

The tournament will be a double elimination tournament which will determine medal winners.


Recommended scheduling for baseball is as follows:

  • The baseball competition will be 3 days.
  • The length of all games will be 7 innings.
  • Time limit: Two hours and thirty minutes.
  •  After 5 innings, if one team is 10 or more runs ahead the game will be called.
  • After 7 innings, if the teams are tied, starting in the top of the seventh inning, and each half inning thereafter, the offensive team will begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning being placed on second base. EXAMPLE: If the number five batter is the lead-off batter, the number four batter in the batting order will be placed on second base. An eligible substitute or special pinch runner may be inserted for the runner. the game will continue one inning at a time (extra innings) until a winner is determined.



The official batting line up requires a minimum of nine (9) batters. Teams may bat through their entire order of rostered and available players or include any number between nine (9) and the maximum of twenty-four (24) batters, team limit. (All batters must be on the official team roster.) After a game has begun, a team may elect to add additional batters to their line up to increase the original number of batters (at the end of the 5th inning, no additional players may be added to the line-up. During medal play, there will be no additions to the bottom of the line-up during any inning. Should a team not list all their available players as batters they may substitute any of those players into any batting order position. That player must then bat in the inserted batting order position until substituted for; pinch hitters are considered substitute batters. Once a batter is replaced in the lineup batting order that player may not bat for the remainder of the game; the player is still eligible to participate on defense without penalty for substitution. Teams must complete the game with the same number of batters as on their official game batting lineup. Should a listed batting lineup position not have a batter available when that position comes to bat that position will receive an automatic out each time throughout the game. Open defensive substitution is permitted throughout the game. Players may change on field and bench positions at any time in each inning. Rostered and available players may play any one of the nine (9) defensive positions during an inning without a penalty for substitution. This will allow greater player participation.


Players, coaches, managers or other team members will not make disparaging or insulting remarks to or about opposing players, officials or spectators; or commit other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct. This includes behavior on and off the field at the venue site. The penalty for violations by a player is, at minimum, prompt ejection of the offender from the game. The offender must leave the field or spectator area immediately. If the offender refuses to leave, his/her team will forfeit that game. Penalties may also include suspension from following games. If a player is ejected from the last game of the tournament, the player may be suspended from future games in the following years. Severe offenses may result in being suspended temporarily or permanently from future Nevada Police and Fire Games.

  • All players must check-in at registration at the Orleans Casino prior to the first game to receive their wristband. NO CHECK-IN – NO PLAY – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • All players must have ID on them at the sport facility for roster checks. If a player does not have ID available, they will not be allowed to play.
  • Eligibility and IDs will be strictly enforced throughout the tournament.
  • View the full eligibility requirements page
  • Team Registration Deadline: Sun. 7/9/23
  • If your registered team does not have enough participants, you will not be eligible to participate.
  • Register by Sat. 7/1/2023 to receive your guaranteed shirt size. Registrants after this date will select from the available shirt sizes, on a first come, first serve basis at check-in.
  • Registration on or after July 10, 2023 will incur a late fee of $10